Cane Hill - Historic Washington Co - AR

Cane Hill - Historic Washington Co - AR
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Geocaching for Kids - Geocaching in Arkansas - Arkansas State Parks

Geocaching for Kids - Geocaching in Arkansas - Arkansas State Parks from the Arkansas State Parks website.

Summer Reading - Yoo Hoo! It is stealthily creeping along April (imagine LOUD scream - see Librarian of the Dead).

Who knows who of you may be out traveling the roads of Arkansas this summer. Here is hoping that even though you are traveling the roads through Arkansas, you have safely guarded books, and / or e-books checked out, and along for the ride, but all of you are missing your library. 

Your family can still stay involved with your library's Summer Reading Program (SRP) - 2014. 

 Many library systems in the United States are members of the American Libraries Association (A.L.A.) and host some type of incentive to encourage reading. 

Libraries may be bunched up among the dust bunnies of your memories, of a dark and quiet place where you were afraid to make direct eye contact with the librarian, because she was a Matrix genius. Maybe back in 1957 you had to read Moby Dick by Herman Melville during summer break, but times they have-a-changed.

Each SRP is different, but the theme is the same nationwide: Science. 

For those following the ALA recommendations, Childrens Libraries will be learning with a "Fizz, Boom, Read!". Children's librarians will be conducting awesome experiments and crafts. If you are traveling, check for the libraries who participate in ALA, and get programming schedules for the places you will be. 

YA SRP will be "Spark A Reaction!" If we promise to keep it to where they cannot hear us back in Genealogy we don't get many shushes, for really loud stuff we go outside, or conduct events after hours. We are connected. 

Adult SRP is "Literary Elements." As a PT Adult & YA programming clerk, I am working hard to find good things to inspire reading, and research. 

The neat thing about this years theme is that some events can be across the board and for all departments. So finally, I address the subject...Geocaching is an excellent form for having fun, bringing families and groups together, map reading, learning and science. 

Geocaching can be done on a small scale, or large scale. Love your books? Love your Library? Traveling to learn your national history in the U.S.? Check out all of the agencies, states, cities, parks and environmental agencies that promote Geocaching. Arkansas has lots of history and in terms of technology have had top Professors in GIS technology. 

National Park Service - Where to go in Arkansas

  • Read Maps
  • Research
  • Communication
  • Spatial skills
  • Geographical skills
  • Exercise
  • Health
  • Science
The Arkansas State Parks link at the sub-title has a lot of great information about geocaching and beyond. Other links are given by the Arkansas State Parks. 

Librarians and their minions enable the information super-highway transport, and this was before google was more than just a number. Still are. 

Libraries are the connection, check 'em out.

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