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Cane Hill - Historic Washington Co - AR
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Read and Feed: Feeding Young Minds and Bodies During the Summer (+playl...

[this blog post is a work in progress, as I learn more information, I will pass it along. For most States and Tribes, there is still a little time to get into the program for 2014]. 

My job is providing programming for Teens and Adult patrons, and visitors of our library system.  In accordance with our mission, we work to provide help, training and anything that will enhance the lives of our community members. (We help travelers, and temporary visitors too).

READ & FEED is dear to my heart, and I feel for these young people who are at the mercy of the income, or resource limitation of their parents, aunties, foster parents, or siblings.

After listening to about 24 minutes of the information provided in this video, I knew immediately that this would be a way to help fight hunger and poverty locally. Also, this can spur job growth, and better health in children and families as a whole. 

Does your library serve low income patrons? What percentage of your children and teen patronage are on free or reduced lunches?

These questions are essential when considering whether or not to partner with the USDA during the summer, and during after school programs.

Most of us who have served in YA, Tween and Children programming can attest, that the best way to reach young people and grow attendance, is by feeding them. 

Since first learning about this program, I have been gathering data and information. This READ & FEED program can do nothing but succeed for our communities. 

For the Tribal Nations: 
(I am having trouble loading the video from YouTube, but will not give up.) LINK to video "SNAP and Summer Meals Programs for 1994 Tribal Land Grant College Webinar" May 16, 2014

There is so much rigamarole in the media about SNAP, Food Stamp abuse, and other flash that takes our attention off such an important topic as hunger. "Children who do get free or reduced lunches, often lose ground in learning during the summer months while they live in hunger..."(Phillips 2014). 

During those hungry months. It seems like there are often lots of sugary things around that the hungry can find. Keep in mind that alcohol products can fill a hungry spot cheaply. 

The nutritional needs of growing human beings, requires more than corn syrup and alcohol. To help our youth have fully functioning brains, and healthy bodies, they need to continue nutritional health. The best way to do this is for  libraries to partner with the USDA during Summer Reading Programs, and keep free and reduced breakfast and lunches, to provide food for the brain and body.

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