Cane Hill - Historic Washington Co - AR

Cane Hill - Historic Washington Co - AR
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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Do you have a passion for education? Library for the homeless needs your help! in Phoenix, Arizona -

Do you have a passion for education? Library for the homeless needs your help! in Phoenix, Arizona - 

Phoenix, Arizona, Bibliophilian Philanthropists! Attention! Looking for that one project to make your strings hum? 

This morning, one of the positions that came up in a feed from Simply Hired Dot Com, was the title of this blog post. The title is theirs. They offer a "share" feature through I want to share this, because someone out there may love this job, and be in a position to be able to volunteer, to do something very rewarding. 

Although I love my part-time job at our local library, the gypsy girl in me dreams of one day getting in her wagon, traveling the Country libraries. Working different projects for building up a program or library, adding my superpowers to the mix, after the wheels are running smoothly, travel onto the next library adventure. So, I subscribe to several job sites, and get alerts based on a search criteria of "library clerk."

As a library clerk assisting Adult and YA Programming, with only 19.5 hours per week paid, I feel very good about the difference I am able to make. Our library system is going through growing pains, it feels like some super A-Team has been brought together in time, to launch our System into superior status. 

Our volunteers are priceless. Because many library systems are dependent on antiquated mileage tax portions, without a strong volunteer base it would be impossible to provide the services they do.  

Another cause dear to my heart is human rights. Within that scope, homelessness is up there with important subjects to address. What Campus/Lodestar Day Resource Center is doing is amazing, and it would not be surprising to see this trend spread like wildfire. 

Check out the job by the link(s) provided, or locate Simply Hired.Com, and put in library as a search word, it should be easy to find. 

Thank you, and good luck. 
In reading this, please keep in mind that I am one of those strange library-indentured-of-love-everything-book persons, so dreaming of library adventures with a book boyfriend, is not abnormal among us, and add being a writer; that explains it all.

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