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Monday, February 2, 2015

Baker & Taylor | Webinars | Young Adult Webinar

Baker & Taylor | Webinars | Young Adult Webinar I 09/30/ 2014

While listening to this archived webinar, I put down snippets of different questions, answers and statements by these authors, teachers, publishers and readers.

What is trending in Y/A today? Mary Lee Donovan "...the diversification of diversity -
  • Racial Diversity
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Family Diversity 
  • Realism and Romance.
...are some of the trends of Y/A today. There is also an un-trending in Y/A, for-instance the genre of Historical Fiction, comes and goes. Distopian Fiction is here to stay. 

Wendy Loggia (@Penguin/RandomHouse) expands but mostly agrees with these trends.

Martha Hickson - A School Librarian right now; What Y/A Readers want.
  • John Green walks on water. The kids she deals with are frantic to have more copies of John Green. She jokingly stated that you could put John Green's name on a phone book and they would read it.
  • There is an opportunity for mystery and thriller writers to appeal to the Y/A writers to do some continuing series of mysteries and thrillers akin John Green's characters in an Evanovich style.
  • Titles from their "youth" Harry Potter, Rick Riordan, and also starting to engage with adult titles; Dan Brown, Grisham, King...and Game of Thrones. 
Andrea Portes: Author, (Anatomy of a Misfit) moving from Adult to Y/A. She felt as if it may be too dark for Y/A based on personal experience as teen, but @HarperCollins embraced the book, and agreed Y/A was the place for it. She is working on her next Y/A novel (Rich Kids).

Wendy remembers a day when her co-worker who was in the break room, was talking about a new acquisition and how excited she was about this new work, and how she wanted to develop was "The Maze Runner"

If you are librarian, and have anything to do with ordering Y/A, Juvenile, or Childrens this is an helpful webinar. Writers can also get good ideas for what Young Adult readers want.

The Between Season, Rogers Lon Rogers
That same year the students of New Canaan High School waged another kind of war. I, Tucker Landis, became its champion and its casualty. Back then my high school and my hometown held my entire universe. All my gods lived there. So did my demons....Most of us had grown up in New Canaan or on neighboring farms and ranches. We had known each other all our lives, yet at school we segregated ourselves into exclusive cliques of our own making. Everyone held a defined rank and a prescribed place in the Blurb
You will find the 2014 Fall book recommendations at 48 minutes of the webinar. Our library has most of them, and they circulate wildly.

PRESENTERS • Andrea Portes – Bestselling Author • Mary Lee Donovan – Editorial Director Candlewick Press • Wendy Loggia – Executive Editor Delacorte Press / Random House Children’s Books • Martha Hickson – Librarian North Hunterdon High School

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