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Cane Hill - Historic Washington Co - AR
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Many Kids and Teens Can Eat For Free All Summer

For families and kids who have need based eligibility for free and reduced lunches during the school year, summer vacations are a double-edged sword. Sure, the kids are glad to be out of school and able to relax some, but then they must suffer many lost meals, and days of hunger. 

The U.S.D.A., and many other service and educational providers are aware that students lose some of their learning over the summer months due to hunger. 

I have included several resources in this article that may help kids locate sources of food, and meals during the summer.

The Range app is a free download from !Tunes, and Google Play. This simple to use app helps kids under 18 find places near them that are offering meals and snacks through the summer months

Offer Versus Serve  in the Summer Food Service Program (2015)

The deadlines for participating for this summer are probably already past, but it is never too late to learn about the resources, tools and literature available to those entities who care to help alleviate hunger in the U.S. / Who knows that there may not be programs partially approved which need partners to complete their program which activates June 15, 2015.

Bringing Summer Meals to Farmers Markets

Farmers coordinate in the Summer Feeding Program to bring fresh, meals to the Farmers Markets . 

Cops N Kids and Summer Meals

Cops N Kids Summer Meals programs have shown beneficial overall effects on the juvenile population in the communities where the police provide meals for the eligible children under 18. Populations of children who had food on their stomach were less likely to commit crimes. Sort of makes sense, doesn't it?

There are library systems which are set up with kitchens or dining halls within their facilities, or they may have access to the same. The U.S. D. A partners with libraries to provide two meals per day to kids eighteen and under. 

One of the problems that has been seen over the years is that the older kids, like in High School were embarrassed, or ashamed to make use of their free or reduced meals status, and go hungry during the school year as well as summer. If any of you all read this, please save the embarrasment for years down the line, and then it won't even be a thing. Go ahead and eat. This system was set up as a way for everyone to share the wealth of food. To keep foodstuffs from going to waste, and to encourage the economic boon of U.S. Farmers.  

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