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Cane Hill - Historic Washington Co - AR
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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

NaNoWriMo, Words, Counts, November 1st Through 30th 2015


This was my second year participating in NaNoWriMo. 2014 was my first year, and it was a disaster. After losing over 20,000 words to technology, I quit with 19K.

2015 - Our public library system became a "Come Write In" sponsor. Five library staff members, including myself participated as writers this year. I created this and another video to post on our library Facebook page. 

We are
  • Earthenware Haven
  • BlueDreadChild
  • inthestacks
  • Faerie Lilly
  • DallasFalcon
Our Word Counts:
  1. inthestacks = 50,288
  2. Earthenware Haven = 42856
  3. BlueDreadChild = 33549
  4. DallasFalcon = 16394
  5. Faerie Lilly = 5604
Our Region; USA:: Arkansas:: Russellville, started out with 6 novelists as of October 25, 2015. Dallas Falcon signed up a week in, and we are proud, that with only two weeks of writing he pounded out over 16K words. Faerie Lilly is a very busy person, and in a couple of days produced over 5,000 words, and the beginning of several novel ideas.

I came close, but did not "win." I am please with what I accomplished throughout NaNoWriMo and the team work that gave me and others courage. Several of our patrons won, and others enjoyed themselves. 


InTheStacks - She is in top management, and has a full schedule besides the library. She is also a painter with a big project due at the same time NaNo was barreling to a close. If it had not been for her leadership and jumping in, I don't think we would have seen the positive outcomes we did. She created a novel that will probably be a much read book, and there is a second book coming from this. 

BlueDreadChild - Accomplished so many things during November, including personal obligations which could not be let go for days, let alone a month. I count her as a winner as much as anyone. I know she was checking our word counts everyday, and I did not want to disappoint her. She also has an amazing story that was created from NaNoWriMo and there are at least two more story ideas which hatched during this time.

DallasFalcon - Another top manager with personal obligations and a busy, busy schedule jumped in about the second week, and probably wrote a total of five days. He is a writer, and has a long-time series that I hope he publishes some day soon. It was encouraging to have him writing too. 

Faerie Lilly - Works in programming, and she is involved heavily in the community. She is filled with creativity and imagination, and in my book, she joined in with us, knowing it would not be possible to finish, but she talked in length about her ideas, and I look forward to reading anything she writes.

Earthenware Haven - Although I have been a published writer for many years, I have stayed in my comfort zone with short stories, and non-fiction technical topics. My life is filled with material suitable for filling pages, but I have been too chicken to write a long piece. When I started this year, I set out to do ten, five thousand word stories. That I could do. InTheStacks has encouraged me to write my life story, but for various reasons I shied from that. When the November First bell went off, I started my first short story. I wrote three thousand three hundred and thirty-three words that first day. As I wrote, my story started to come. I finished with 42,856, but after editing, I have a novel.

A voracious reader, I could not stop reading during November. It would be easier to stop breathing.

One of the books I was / am reading a little at a time is "Stephen King on Writing: A Memoir of the Craft." by Stephen King. 

I devour most of the books that I read. Depending on the writing, and what is gained by the read, determines my rate of reading. "Stephen King on Writing:.." has changed my perspective on being a writer, and I am not through with the book yet! 

Thanks to that great author, I have acknowledged that I am a writer. Now I hold myself accountable to write every day. It may be reviews, a part of a short story, or finishing something I have been working on. Sometimes it is several paragraphs scribbled on a Taco Villa sack. 

Our library is continuing the momentum of writers and teamwork. We joined in late, with no previous winners on staff, none of us qualified to be an ML. 

Hopefully one of our patrons who has won several years in a row will be our ML next year. 

Our regional ending statistics were: 39 novelists • 722,804 words written • 18,533 average word count • $120.00 donated. For a rural area we did good. When people get together for a common goal, they can accomplish amazing things. Thank you NaNoWriMo, and all of you who participated. 

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