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Sunday, December 27, 2015

GoodReads Review of e-Books "The Child Taker" & "Slow Burn" by Conrad Jones

The Child Taker & Slow Burn (Special Edition 'Unputdownable'): 2 Nail Biting ThrillersThe Child Taker & Slow Burn (Special Edition 'Unputdownable'): 2 Nail Biting Thrillers by Conrad Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Last night I finally finished Slow Burn by Conrad Jones. I finished The Child Taker on or around the 15th of December.

I got these two books through on a free e-book deal. To be honest, I was not sure what I was getting. I am always interested in fictional cases where children get rescued from horrible situations. The title clued me into the possibility that this would be the case. Even if Slow Burn was the punishment for the "Child Taker"it was a lure.

From the start of "The Child Taker" the reader can assume that there may be a kidnapping. The title leads us there. Right off, the characters were believable. I could picture mom and dad, the kids and the other couple who were camping with them. I could imagine the creeps too.

The writing is good enough that I did not have to do any work in reading. All I had to do was ride. There were plenty of surprises, twists and turns without leaving the road of possibles.

It is my opinion that the author did a good job of marketing Detective Alec Ramsay to a wider audience.

Slow Burn by Conrad Jones was a long book. I often chew through a book in a few days. I had several other books needing reviews. Once I started reading "Slow Burn" I could not move on.

Back in the old days before Indie and self-publishing a reader had to wait months for new books to come out. There was no Young Adult genre. I used to order, or check out the fattest books, no matter who wrote them, or what they were about. These days, with hundreds of new authors hitting the shelves, there is plenty to read. I am glad about it.

While reading "Slow Burn," not once did I skim over unnecessary descriptions or scenes. Every word and space created an excellent novel. This is good writing.

Conrad Jones GoodReads profile listed genres of mystery, thriller, horror and Young Adult. I would recommend this only for a mature Y/A, because of content. The subject of bullying that goes to nth degree is brutal.

Content: Violence: Yes. Blood, killing, drugs, suicide, rape, etc.
Sex: Yes. It is alluded to.

Author Conrad Jones is an excellent writer. We will hear more from this writer in the future.

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