Cane Hill - Historic Washington Co - AR

Cane Hill - Historic Washington Co - AR
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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My Life, An Eagle's Song - 1976

This was it. I was not waiting any more for "one of these nights." I heard that broken promise too many times. Two days from now my life would change completely. I was going to take it easy at the foot of the Ozark mountains in Arkansas. I can’t tell you why I thought I wanted to change from living life in the fast lane. It had something to do with expecting a baby, my boyfriend, and his lyin’ eyes. When I met Tom Cat, he was sexy and handsome. His Cherokee heritage shown in his blue eyes, cheekbones and long, dark black hair. Whenever he touched me, he made me weak in the knees. Tom reminded me of a Desperado. The stories he told. I confirmed that he hitchhiked I-40, from Arkansas to California several times. Once he took his albums and turntable. Another time he brought his wolf too. Tonight would be my last wild act before flying to Arkansas to settle down with my old man. I won the Eagles’ tickets from my friend Wolfman Jack who D.J.’d at our local rock radio station. I thought Tommy was going to wait one more day to leave for Arkansas, and drive me to the Eagles concert. Instead, he got antsy and insisted he had to “see a man about a horse.” I presumed that was another Arkansas saying, because I always thought that meant a person had to go take a leak. This California girl had a lot to learn about the ways of the South. He tried to talk me out of going to the concert since I was eight months pregnant. A year earlier we moved in together. Then, he talked me out of using birth control. Tommy swore he was sterile and said that my use of the pill indicated that I was messing around. I was still blind and in love, so I was not keeping score. I stopped taking the pill. Tom Cat had a lot to learn about me, because once I put my mind to a thing, I would do it. The day of the Eagle's Concert arrived. Against everyone’s advice, I drove the sixty miles to Long Beach Arena. I had an extra ticket and several of my friends said they may meet me there. I did not mind being alone. It was their loss if they didn’t show. One friend suggested I scalp it, but I won it. I wanted to give it away to the poorest looking kid outside the gates. Once I got there, parked, and wobbled into the will-call line. I looked at the gangly young man asking for tickets. The show sold out long ago. He could not believe his fortune of getting a free ticket, and an excellent seat too. I think he worried that I expected him to deliver if I went into labor. I dressed like the hippie chick I was. I reeked of my signature scent; patchouli. My belly stuck out so far my belly button looked like a giant nipple. I was strong, healthy and glowed. We got to our place, but I could not sit down. There was a heightened sense of expectation. As soon as the lights went down, a 101 String Orchestra lit up the floor in front of us. The tension mounted. This was not an orchestra crowd - we were here to see the Eagles. Then, the stage lit up and the curtains opened. There they were. The Eagles! The strums of music settled in my soul. There was an announcement. The reason for the Los Angeles Philharmonic strings was they were going to introduce a new song. I was exuberant and happy. A peaceful easy feeling settled over me. The stringed instruments started making pictures with sound. This was the premier of their new song, “Hotel California.” I got caught up in the music. Some of the time I felt like I was falling, at other times, flying. I will never forget the experience. The Eagles played only played five songs total. They had so many standing ovations from Hotel California, that it took half the concert. It was magic. What a time in history. © Copyright 2016 Earthenware_Haven (lillygrillzit at Writing.Com). All rights reserved. Earthenware_Haven has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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