Cane Hill - Historic Washington Co - AR

Cane Hill - Historic Washington Co - AR
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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Cat With a Clue (A Bookmobile Cat Mystery #5)Cat With a Clue by Laurie Cass
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love Eddie the Bookmobile Cat, and enjoy the stories which circle around Library drama and mysteries. Laurie Cass is a kindred spirit who loves serving patrons and bringing books to patrons in outlying areas. Cat With a Clue is #5 in The Bookmobile Cat Series.

For those who have never worked in a library, there are dynamics at work in the main plot and sub-plots that make my cardigan warm, and cat hair on my skirt stand up with pride. The characters and patrons may be fictional, but are based on true characters.

Series like The Bookmobile Cat must end sometime, and I demand that they do not.

I would prefer Eddie live for eight more lives and Minnie Hamilton continue stumbling on crime scenes and keep us searching for clues. It is about time the law enforcement of Chilson, Michigan understands the deductive abilities of a MLIS librarian.

Thank you.

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