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Cane Hill - Historic Washington Co - AR
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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Reservations (A Lola Wicks Mystery)Reservations by Gwen Florio
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Many thanks to Midnight Ink via NetGalley for the opportunity to read a free Amazon e-book; Reservations: A Lola Wicks Mystery #4 by Gwen Florio. The following is my honest review:

A fictional novel; "Reservations" uses fiction to highlight century long issues Native Tribes face. This book shows some ways European occupation brings toxicity and loss to the health of Native bands and families.

The focus of important topics is woven artistically and with strength throughout "Reservations." The European idea of wealth goes against the Native idea of value and life. This well written novel shows this.

At the end of "Reservations," I did a bit of research on author Gwen Florio. Her resume lists stories gotten from horrific scenes and incidents. Realizing her ilk, it is an honor to read her fiction.

This is the fourth in a series, but stands alone. It is my earnest prayer that she is cover the war going on at Standing Rock, ND. (Oct 2016).

Gwen Florio is a powerful writer who does not sugar coat. She tells both sides of a story with fairness. The ending is not a fairy tale happy-ever-after, but life rarely is.

Gwen Florio has a new constant reader. Thank you.

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