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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Petit Jean: A Wilderness AdventurePetit Jean: A Wilderness Adventure by William B. Jones
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Petit Jean: A Wilderness Adventure by William B.Jones is a beautifully illustrated story.

I purchased the paperback version of this book at a book signing held at our library in October 2016.

Petit Jean Mountain is a geographical and historic landmark located in Conway County, Arkansas. There are many versions of the story of 'Petit Jean'.

Legends say the young woman disguised herself as a boy and went aboard the ship coming to America, as a deck hand. She earned the name Petit Jean (Little John) during the voyage.

William B. Jones is no stranger to research. Over several years, he dug into the history of Petit Jean.

Author William Jones is an honorable person. That he names the main character Marguerite Turner makes me admire him even more.

In 1955 Marguerite Turner published a historical account of Petit Jean. Her name was Adrienne Dumont. She came with her true love Chavet to the New World.

Ms. Turner passed away in 2002 in obscurity. Known by locals. She was a historian interested in Native History.

This book is in Juvenile genre. It is a work of genius. The work shares history and geography that is interesting and accurate.

Many juvenile books are collected for their artwork alone. The bonus here is the intelligent writing. It is a collectible.

I have heard other readers say this was too short and they want more. In my opinion, this is a desire for interesting writing.

"Petit Jean: A Wilderness Adventure" is a book that will become a classic.

["William B. Jones sets his fictional narrative in the French Colonial era during the reign of Louis XV. A journey across the Atlantic, through Louisiana Territory ... Jones spins a tale of mistaken identity, love, and adventure" cited: Worldcat]

I wish I could come across as smart and dynamic as Bill Jones.

If you want a perfect gift for a young reader. Check out Petit Jean: A Wilderness Adventure. Written by William B. Jones. Illustrated by Gary Zaboly.

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